The 60m motor yacht Lusine

originates from the Dutch Heesen shipyard and can accommodate up to twelve guests in six rooms, along with 15 crew members. List GC was entrusted with furnishing the Owner's and Guest Areas, as well as the Main Staircase and the Bridge Deck, and the yacht was handed over to the owner in 2022. Covering an area of 278 m², our specialists once again demonstrated their expertise in handling complex projects. Rare woods, exquisite fabrics, and leather were skillfully combined using both craftsmanship and technical competence to create a harmonious overall picture. The interior design was conceived by the renowned design studio Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design, which masterfully intertwined various textures, surfaces, shapes, and colors to evoke a tranquil and elegant ambiance displaying a certain sophistication.

A mix of metals

One highlight is the Private Owner's Area on the Wheelhouse Deck, featuring a 50 m² owner's cabin that boasts a 180-degree panoramic view through its special windows. "In this project, the mixture of materials and the variety of details and surfaces truly stand out. The custom-made handles made of metal and glass are especially remarkable. Each element, meticulously thought out down to the
smallest detail, adds even more uniqueness to the already exquisite pieces of furniture," emphasizes List GC Project Manager Philipp Moser. The owner's area is dominated by a central king-size bed. The bedhead is crafted from a combination of leather, wood, and metal. The meticulous and top-tier design, brought to life through coordination between the shipyard, owner's representatives, and our specialists, clearly stands out.

Versatile textures

Gerhard Sonnleitner, Team Coordinator Production, spoke about the production of the wall panels: "For this yacht, everything had to be implemented using lightweight construction. Therefore, special attention was paid to the structure of the subframe. The panels consist of elaborate fabric, shiny metal strips, and three-dimensional parts - enhanced with metallic paint - as well as exquisite leather. These elements can be found throughout the entire yacht in various shapes and sizes. The windows are framed with leather on the sides and high-gloss veneers of Wenge and Sapele below."

Light and Shadow

Not only the Main Staircase, but all areas of the yacht have been brought to life with a sophisticated lighting concept. Playing with light and shadow enhances the prominent glass elevator even further. One of the most striking pieces is a cream-colored artwork made from cut leather surrounding the elevator shaft and the spiral staircase. "The focus here was primarily on safely bringing the large dimension of individually glued round panels on board, which was successfully achieved through excellent cooperation among all involved parties," recalls Philipp Moser.

Elegant carpentry

The guest areas reflect the design of the owner's area: sophisticated material combinations of leather, stone, wood, and metal give these sections a special touch. The bed elements were first covered with leather, and then a glossy polished walnut insert was added. For the bedside tables, we used bleached Louro Faia veneer, with precise processing required to achieve the desired veneer pattern. The finishing touch consists of a frame made of high-gloss polished veneer, within which a stone piece is inserted. The metal handles used, featuring integrated lighting, were custom-made, just like numerous other elements in this project.

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