For us, thinking about the future is more important than ever and means constantly evolving and not resting on the laurels. That's why we at List GC want to use targeted measures to set visible and, above all, effective signs in the direction of a sustainable future.

We are laying the foundation for a sustainable future

The commitment of our employees, the entrepreneurial interest, and the legal requirements that have come into force continuously motivating us to attach increasing importance to sustainability and to further strengthen our efforts in this regard. Although we have already implemented various measures to make our company more
environmentally friendly and socially valuable, we aim to achieve even greater impact in the future. With organizational integration, we have taken the next important step and laid the foundation to be able to implement effective initiatives for a sustainable future.

Our understanding of the concept of sustainability

The concept of sustainability is currently almost omnipresent, which has led to it being watered down and often reduced to a synonym for environmental protection. In the past, we have taken measures under this title that predominantly addressed ecological aspects.
Today we understand sustainability as the interaction of environmetal, social, and economic factors. Based on this foundation, we aim to create a shared awareness and conducive conditions for sustainability within our company and our industry to promote such a culture.

Our next planned steps

We see conducting a materiality analysis and developing a sustainability strategy as the first milestones on our path towards a more sustainable company – environmentally friendly, socially valuable, and economically successful. On this basis, we can define meaningful goals, actions, key performance indicators, and responsibilities and embed them in our organization. Ongoing evaluation of goal achievement and the annual preparation of a sustainability report will support the long-term transformation of our company.


Conducting the materiality analysis and developing the sustainability strategy


Elaboration of the sustainability program and integration into the company structure


Implementation, documentation, evaluation, and reporting

Measures already implemented

Energy Generation

To make efficient use of the roof areas of our production buildings, we installed a photovoltaic system, which went into operation in June 2021. With the system, we have already covered 19% of our annual electricity demand. Currently, we are evaluating expanding the system. With a higher share of renewable energy, we can further reduce our CO2 emissions.

Supporting Partners and Initiatives

As a family business, despite our international activities, we are always mindful of our origins. Therefore, when supporting partners and initiatives, we try to bridge the gap between regional, national, and international:

  • Supporting the youth work of the sports club Bad Erlach.

  • Supporting the NOBIS relief fund, founded by List GC employees for List GC employees in need

  • Supporting the "Wald4Leben" project in 2022 with 618 trees for forest reforestation in the Waldviertel region in Lower Austria

  • Donating to the Blue Marine Foundation to support international projects with the aim of protecting at least 30% of the world's oceans by 2030

  • Cooperation with the Innovation Lab of the University of Applied Sciences in Wiener Neustadt

List GC as an Employer

Because respect and appreciation are important to us, and we aim to create modern working environments, we are always striving to evolve as an employer. Our employees benefit from advantages such as flexible working hours, a wide range of discounts, further training opportunities and many other benefits.

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