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The interior+ outfitting of exclusive yachts and private residences is a highly complex matter. With high quality standards, a strict schedule, a challenging cost calculation and a large number of contributors, partners and trades. Thanks to our many years of experience in the luxury segment, we know about the high demands, we reliably take care of all aspects and deliver everything from a single source: We accompany our customers from project management and planning to precise craftsmanship, on-site site management and the assembly and beyond.

Project management

The understanding of the high demands of the market and the comprehensive technical knowledge as well as the management competence of complex projects characterize our IPMA-certified project managers. This is where the threads come together. They control and coordinate the project from start to handover. Together with experienced engineers, they form a diverse project team with a feel for form, aesthetics and functionality as well as excellent technical and craftsmanship know-how. The project team is also on board with the development or further development of ideas. Realizing the luxury interior is only really possible when the design ideas have found their way from the creative mind to paper.


The project teams work closely with planning, where the construction and interior outfitting are planned and detailed information for the project is developed. This also includes checking technical details with regard to specified standards and guidelines. The specialists in CAD engineering deal with the creation of 2D plans and the experts in production engineering use 3D drawings to prepare the technical information for production. Both areas have extensive know-how and are looking for optimal solutions to successfully combine planning and production.


In our state-of-the-art maufacturing, craftsmanship is combined with innovation and the latest technologies. Through the commitment and passion of our dedicated team, design and careful planning become reality. Surfaces refined with mother-of-pearl, veneers made from rare woods, dabbing and combing techniques and the use of 3D paints create unique pieces of furniture, wall paneling and ceiling elements. The craftsmen do not set themselves any limits in their work, but tinker, test and develop together to perfection.

Site Managment

Our experienced site managers are the most important interface between List GC, more precisely the project managers and all partners involved on the construction site, where they coordinate the assembly teams, among other things. They are our team players on site and are brought in by the project team around 3 months before the start of assembly in order to get to know the project, or even better each area, and to look out for any collisions, which is important for the later stages of the project.


The moment when everything fits. It is only when the various pieces of furniture of an exclusive yacht or luxury residence are put together that the extraordinary interior that customers want results. Expertly trained assembly teams put all individual parts on site together to form the complete end product and thus create the big picture. This process is perfectly planned and thought through by our site management team.

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