Built by the German Lürssen shipyard,

the motor yacht Ahpo (Lady Jorgia) stretches over a total of 115 meters in length. Not only its size, but above all its stylish exterior and interior design impress yacht lovers and make this superyacht an exclusive living dream on the high seas. We were commissioned with the project management of the interior design on four decks and a total of 745 m² and equipped the yacht with special hand-made surfaces and exclusive furnishing elements.

Complex down to the smallest detail

Exclusive furniture, unusual surfaces and metal elements - the implementation plans for yacht interiors include every little detail. Our strength lies not only in the understanding of design, but in the complete project management. Countless samples and time-consuming feedback and approval processes with the shipyard, design studio and sub-suppliers, including quality controls, are coordinated until the millimeter-precise assembly process on the yacht can begin.
This is also the case with the MY Ahpo (Lady Jorgia), which was handed over to the owner in 2021. Herwig Schmallegger, Senior Coordinator Project Management at List GC, ensured that the project ran smoothly. “In terms of construction, the project was a small-scale and precise job. There was a huge amount of components and countless special requirements and designs: communication at eye level and tact were our recipe for success with this project.”

From the design idea to the exclusive special surface

The stylish mother-of-pearl 3D lacquer surface from List GC is one of the highlights: it adorns the walls and parts of the ceiling in the spa area and the informal lounge. The handcrafted special surfaces specially designed for the project make the yacht unique. In cooperation with the top-class design studio Nuvolari Lenard, the surfaces were perfectly tailored to the customer's wishes. Details specified by the design team, in the form of patterns or visualizations, had to be created and reproduced in detail - for example from a 10x10 cm reference pattern to an entire wall with a total area of 200 m². The sample process took several months and required a high degree of creativity and craftsman.

A combination of elegance and safety

Another highlight in the spa area, in addition to the mother-of-pearl surfaces, is the leaf-shaped teak ceiling, consisting of three large and two small leaves. A single one of these leaves has a dimension of five to six meters, each with seven to eight segments, separated by curved joints. Karl Lechner, team coordinator carpenter at List GC, on the production of the teak top: "The work processes of the project were practically mirrored. The material was processed on the ground, but was finally attached to the yacht's ceiling. This requires a high degree of spatial thinking and extreme accuracy. The size of the individual sheets also presented us with space-related challenges. Every single step had to be weighed up in the head in advance. When you then see the result and everything works perfectly together, it is an unparalleled sense of achievement every time!”

With this project, List GC is once again underscoring its longstanding position as one of the specialists for highly complex Interior+ projects.

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