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Sustainable thinking

As a leading interior+ outfitter of unique living spaces, luxury yachts and private residences, we set the highest standards for ourselves. Not just in terms of quality, but also in terms of sustainability – across the entire value chain: starting with our internal processes and production, right through to the materials and processing methods used.


Support of local initiatives

We take our local responsibility as a company which is deeply rooted in Austria very seriously. Therefore, we support regional and global environmental initiatives that are aligned with our sustainability strategy.

For example, we are supporting Wald4Leben reforestation projects in Lower Austria.

Help us by planting your own tree by clicking the button below.

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We start at the point where we have the greatest impact: with ourselves and the conscious use of the resources we need.

We manage to generate a third of our electricity requirements ourselves with our own photovoltaic system on the roof of our production building.

Careful handling of materials

At List GC, we pay special attention to the careful and conscious use of materials when realising unique living visions for our customers.

This already begins with the choice of raw materials, where we pay attention not only to quality but also to regional availability: We prefer to use high-quality veneer wood from the European region to avoid long transport routes.

We optimise transport routes by promoting efficient loading and reducing packaging material by reusing transport boxes.

We draw almost all plans digitally, which saves valuable paper.

Recyclable materials that we cannot reuse within our own value chain are used in our apprenticeship training or donated to regional schools.

Unique materials…

We avoid bleaching veneer wood and use oiled wood surfaces instead of wood varnishes.

This makes it easier to repair any wear and tear that occurs on the surface over time without having to redo the entire surface.


…deserve special treatments

Our team of specialists understands how to process the uniqueness of natural materials using professional know-how and innovative techniques: surfaces that appear “imperfect” at first glance are processed by us with the highest level of craftsmanship.

As a result, our team is able to skillfully highlight the natural charm, showcase hidden beauty and at the same time minimise the amount of off-cuts.

Development for the future

We are actively working to set up any work processes, from engineering through project management & production, more efficiently and improve our ecological footprint.

Together with our employees and through collaborative sustainability initiatives, we are constantly working to develop even more sustainable solutions in the future and to promote awareness of environmental protection.