The interior design on a superyacht can be anything the owner wants it to be; there are no limits to their individual wishes and dreams. Designers and interior outfitters work together tirelessly for months to achieve the perfect result. With one common goal: To create something unique.
Nothing demands more from interior outfitters such as List General Contractor (List GC) than turning the ambitious designs and ideas of a designer into reality. For this, specialists provide an infallible sense for form, aesthetic and functionality, brilliant technical expertise and craftsmanship and a love of detail that meets the highest quality standards.

Design projects in the luxury segment always require teamwork. They require partners who know and trust each other, and who each value the professionalism and expertise of the other. List GC has had partnerships with many internationally renowned interior architects and designers for many years. They share a passion for innovative interiors, high-quality materials and excellent design.

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Making ideas a reality
3D renderings, detailed plans, hand drawings or sketches – there are many ways in which designers initially record their ideas and drafts for the interior design of a luxury yacht. In order to understand a design idea before its actual implementation, various emails are exchanged and telephone calls and meetings take place between designers and List GC. During this process, List GC engineers try to obtain as much information as possible, contributing their technical expertise and craftsmanship to the process. Every detail is relevant: Where can the materials be acquired, what does the interplay of colours and forms look like, are special technical solutions required and which special surfaces must be custom made?

The working methods, processes and technical requirements in the yacht sector are demanding and complex. Thanks to their combined expertise and years of experience, the collaborators on a project are able to quickly understand what the designers want and how to turn their proposals into reality. When fitting out an interior space measuring hundreds of square metres, as is often the case on a superyacht, every detail matters. Every aspect – from the biggest issue to the tiniest detail – is discussed and analysed during the design meetings.

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From design to implementation
Every piece of furniture, every part of the interior design is one of a kind, specifically designed, developed and produced for this single project. Sampling plays a central role in giving designers and owners the most realistic impression possible of the look and feel of materials and elements during the development process. This makes the design palpable in the truest sense of the word.

One of the most important details: The surface of high-quality interior design. As well as using veneer, marble and leather, List GC develops and produces special surfaces itself. With innovative spirit, specialist expertise and craftsmanship in abundance, they can move closer and closer to the designer’s vision, step by step, sample by sample. Keeping feasibility in mind at all times, even the most creative surface must be reproduceable. After all, customers are expecting a perfect and uniform overall result.

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At the same time, certain materials are tested during sampling to ensure they are suitable for their intended use. Every fabric, every material has its own quality, and its effect and interactions can vary from what was envisaged when placed in different environments or combinations. The professionals at List GC are happy to go the extra mile during this phase, in order to fulfil the designer’s wishes. List GC subjects materials or complex surfaces to various tests in advance, in order to observe, for example, the effects of fluctuations of temperature or humidity. “Impossible” is not a word in their dictionary.

Mockups are also produced if required. Furniture and furnishing elements are built to scale to verify whether the design can be implemented as planned, whether their functionality is as desired or whether elements have an optimal effect in their original size.

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In close communication until a perfect result is achieved
When all the details have been worked out and polished, all the samples and mockups have been finely tuned and plans have been signed, List GC begins with the implementation and the production of the interior. The furniture, wall panels and ceiling elements are assessed for quality in Bad Erlach and then fitted on board the yacht by the assembly team.

The designers are in constant communication until the handover of the ship. At the joint inspection attended by the shipyard, owner representatives and the designers, the finishing touches are often applied and the last details perfected.

The successful teamwork between the designers and the interior outfitters thrives on mutual respect and the aspiration to create something special for the customer. The extraordinary results they produce are the best proof of this.