In our state-of-the-art furniture manufacturing facility, traditional craftsmanship is combined with innovation and the latest technologies. Thanks to the passion and commitment shown by each and every one of our employees, we can transform meticulous plans and designs into reality. Across a 6650 m² production space, we manufacture interior furnishings of the highest quality. These range from individual items of furniture to ceiling and floor panels, with elegant panelling solutions that benefit from the latest advances in technology. In order to ensure that every article is implemented in the way it was designed to be, our project teams work side by side with our employees in manufacturing. This close proximity allows for quicker coordination both internally and externally, thereby ensuring satisfied customers.


Perfect interaction between man and machine provides the foundation for our end product. The initial processing of the workpieces is carried out as part of pre-production, along with the optimum preparation of the materials and components for further processing. In order to achieve the end result that we strive for – namely, the creation of high-quality, exclusive workpieces – we focus on precision from the very first moment we get to work on the material. Each step plays an important role in this process, and we assign the same importance to the pre-selection, storage and preparation of the high-quality materials as we do to the materials themselves.


Some say that it’s only what’s on the inside that counts. For us, the opposite holds true – external appearance is of the utmost importance, especially when it comes to processing and finishing the various materials and unique surfaces that feature in our customers’ exceptional projects. We perform countless work steps until the workpiece is finished and the surface looks exactly as it should. We are only satisfied if the end product is of the same quality as the intended design. Because if we’re satisfied, our customers will be as well.


In the final stage of the manufacturing process, the processed individual components and diverse combinations of materials are assembled to create high-quality furnishings. All the steps are carried out with meticulous care and precision to guarantee that every single end product is of the highest quality. Each project is constructed and inspected in full before the interior leaves our production facilities, since this is the only way we can ensure that all the individual components go together perfectly.