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22. April 2021 | 5 minutes reading time

Site Management – When individual parts become a perfectly integrated whole

The interior of superyachts is not only unique in design and material, it also needs to be handled in a special way. Because eventually, it has to be combined from countless individual pieces of furniture to form a complete, perfect scheme. This requires a conscientious planning and coordination: site management directly monitors every step on site and functions as the central interface with the shipyard.

Precise engineering, perfect craftsmanship, implementing elegant designs: List General Contractor (List GC) is known for devoting full attention to every detail, for months on end, be it furniture, ceiling panels or technical fixtures. A key moment when furnishing an exclusive yacht is when the elements are assembled, taking their place in the overall structure of the vessel and forming a single scheme. This process is perfectly planned and precisely thought through by the List GC site management team, who ensure the smooth processing directly at the customer’s site.

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Setting the goal at the beginning

Months before the first parts are completed, project management involves the site manager in the process of planning. When will which areas of the ship be expanded? Which elements have to be delivered and when and how much storage space is available for them? What working materials are required on site? How should the resources and working days in the shipyard be structured so that everything can be processed on time? The site managers have one of the most important responsibilities in the project: the precise organisation of the assembly procedures and teams at the construction site. The common goal is always in front of their eyes: the timely and flawless delivery of a perfectly furnished superyacht.

“We’re brought in by the project team approximately 3 months before assembly is started. During these 3 months, you get to know the project in depth and also have a say in how the details are implemented, which is important for the later stages of the project. Especially in the early stages, you have more time to examine each deck closely and look out for any collisions.”


Christian Miklautz, Senior Site Manager at List GC



The focal point

The site managers are the most important link between List GC and the works on site. They’re directly deployed on site at the shipyards in the Netherlands, Germany or Italy. Mostly, the day starts very early for the site management, because preparation and planning is not only relevant for the project overview, but also for daily coordination. The entire assembly team must have a clear view regarding which work step is to be carried out and when, so that work can continue at other places without delays. Always considering the technical and organisational assembly standards, since the safety of the team and the protection of the interior and materials must always come first.

‘On site’ team player

The organisation and inspection of deliveries as well as communication with the various trades and local partners are also handled by the site management. To ensure that all the required materials are in the right place at the right time, interaction between works on the construction site as well as supplies must be well coordinated. Part of the site management’s role also includes making compromises and creating consensus for the common goal. Diplomatically, with sensitivity and great expertise.

Finding good solutions

Flexibility is part of List GC’s daily business, including site management. Even when the team on site is confronted with the unexpected, it doesn’t faze them. In case of any bottlenecks or assembly difficulties, new plans are made quickly and precisely. Staying on top of things and working in a solution-oriented manner are a necessity for the team ‘on site’, because a delay in the assembly work on the ship can have a number of unwanted time and financial implications.
Despite the precise deadlines which must always be met, List GC’s high quality standards are maintained without exception, including in the merging of the individual elements. What begins with the selection of raw materials is carried out at List GC from production and project management all the way to the final assembly on the construction site and the handover of the exclusive yachts. For providing the perfect interior completely in line with the customer’s wishes.