Complex substructures, elegant surfaces and exquisite finishing – when it comes to equipping luxurious yachts and residences with precise requirements on quality and time, the optimisation of workflows and processes is crucial. This is why List GC has enhanced its project management with the addition of agile tools and organisational methods: by restructuring into skill centres, List GC has created a new organisational basis for concentrated expertise and the exchange of knowledge across projects. Furthermore, an innovative “kickpoint” structure optimises and organises the communication processes in the project.
When planning and producing luxury interiors, flexibility and agile ways of working are an absolute must because no one project, surface or piece of furniture is quite like any other. To combine exceptional design with optimum functionality and premium quality, it is necessary to continually question the norm and have the courage to explore new, innovative ideas. With this in mind, it is not only the technical expertise of List GC that is constantly evolving, but also that of the employees themselves. In order to harness this further development for a broader field of application, List GC has taken a smart step: the luxury interior outfitter has reorganised the central business division of internal project organisation and management.

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Innovative project organisation and cross-segment learning
List GC reduces the complexity of its multifaceted projects by breaking these down into manageable work packages within the project teams. To make the most of the specialist expertise of individual employees on a cross-project basis, List GC has now implemented skill centres. Within these skill centres, employees are united in their work package responsibilities to form groups of experts that span various projects. This restructuring makes it possible to centrally pool and connect the new skills, technical know-how and organisational insights that are acquired throughout the course of a project. By doing so, List GC creates the foundation for a comprehensive transfer of knowledge well beyond the individual project teams, thus helping to establish optimised processes and standards.

Traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge organisation
One of List GC’s ultimate objectives is not only to meet the high standards of the industry, but also to exceed them. Achieving this goal requires the constant evaluation of processes and structures. To this end, List GC has developed and successfully implemented a project management standard: using the individual projects, eight key points have been defined for each project – the so-called kickpoints. The aim here is to create a foundation for efficient communication and coordination – both within and across projects, but also for the exchange of information with other stakeholders such as shipyards or suppliers.

What is more, when the interior outfitter for superyachts and luxurious residences is commissioned to carry out a new project, this kickpoint structure also creates the ideal basis for the planning of resources and efficient project execution: this enables project managers to find the ideal use for the specialists and expertise available. At the same time, the individual employees are given greater personal responsibility: they are actively included in the scheduling and have the opportunity to participate in resource and budget planning early on, thereby encouraging their independence.


Professionalisation as value added
This restructuring entails not only an internal optimisation of List GC’s processes, but also improved cooperation with external project members: complex processes can be carried out with greater structure and efficiency and all team members are kept up to date on the developments in the project, enabling them to provide partner companies and clients with the utmost competence. The continuous exchange with other project teams means that employees have the opportunity to obtain insights and learn skills that can be applied to other teams, even while working within a single project. This encourages ideal project execution for all involved.

With the restructuring of its project management, List GC is rising to meet the challenges of the present – a world that is becoming more complex by the day, with increasing quantities of information and data – and using these to its advantage. By implementing the skill centres and kickpoint structure, the luxury interior outfitter has taken up a pioneering position in the industry. This is a step that requires courage and competence while also providing more advantages and opportunities for customers, partners and not least for the company itself and all its employees.