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24. August 2022 | 5 minutes reading time

Exquisite craftsmanship meets optimum safety: exclusive interior design at all levels

1912 is considered a dark year in the history of seafaring. On 2nd April 1912, the Titanic, the largest ship in the world at the time, set sail. Unfortunately, she never arrived at her destination, the port of New York. In response to the steamship’s accident, a number of minimum standards were established to ensure the safety of people on board ships.

An important milestone was set by the international “Safety Of Life At Sea” convention (“SOLAS” for short), which came into being shortly after the disaster and has been continuously developed and revised ever since. The crucial UN convention is supplemented by the Red Ensign Group (“REG” for short) Yacht Code, which applies equivalent standards specifically to the yacht sector. Derived from the original Passenger Yacht Code (“PYC”) and Large Yacht Code (“LY3”), it was introduced in 2019 as the current version with a new regulatory framework. The primary goal of the REG Yacht Code is the further development of the established safety standards in the yacht sector. The Code is divided into two parts, Part A and B, with Part A covering safety measures for yachts with up to 12 passengers and Part B only applying to yachts with up to 36 passengers. In the interior design of exclusive yachts in particular, these specifications play a central role and must be taken into account and carefully considered from the very beginning of every project. At the same time, the demand for outstanding design, extravagant materials and the highest quality of workmanship must also be met.

As a result, List GC is constantly faced with the challenge of finding the perfect combination of functionality, aesthetics and safety during production: design and optics as visible components, combined with strict compliance with all conventions and standards. The specialists are familiar with the specifications and proactively develop suggestions for improvement on an ongoing basis in order to guarantee safety at the highest level.


Designer furnishings with guaranteed safety

Traditional craftsmanship combined with innovative solutions – that’s what List GC is known for. This expertise is highly sought-after, especially when it comes to creating designer surfaces that must also comply with all safety requirements. In addition to strict weight specifications or escape route systems, which are regulated in the SOLAS Convention, fire protection is also a key issue. The corresponding fire protection standards of the REG Yacht Code are just as relevant for List GC.

Exclusive designer requests, such as unusual wood surfaces, often do not meet these strict fire protection requirements. Therefore the specialists at List GC are dedicated to the production of special surfaces that fulfil the wishes of designers and owners while still ensuring safety on board the yacht. The optimal production of the room shell – the ceiling, wall coverings and floors of a yacht – is particularly essential as this can prevent the spread of fires.  List GC also provides the utmost safety by using suitable materials, which must have special certificates. The certificates guarantee that the materials in use do not produce excessive amounts of smoke or toxic gases in the event of a fire, for example.  The experts at List GC themselves work meticulously on the detailed documentation of the materials used and the fire load calculation – however, all fire protection tests are carried out by external partners. In this way, List GC subjects itself to a critical external perspective in terms of safety and is able to guarantee maximum security on board.


Cooperation ensure safety

List GC considers the safety requirements for all projects right from the start. In special workshops and lectures as well as in the daily demand for accuracy and precision, our specialists are continuously deepening their knowledge of specifications and conventions. It is also crucial that a good cooperative relationship exists with the partner companies involved in all processes of the interior design project, so that safety can be taken into account in every single aspect. As a general contractor, List GC is accustomed to optimally integrating coordination with these partners into its work processes. Because one thing must never be neglected – the safety of the people on board.