Every year London-based Boat International Media gives its Design & Innovation Awards to outstanding and innovative yacht projects. This year’s award in the “Best Interior Design – Sailing Yachts” category went to the sailing yacht Ribelle, with interior designed by Rémi Tessier and built by Vitters shipyard. In the “Best Interior Design – Motor Yachts 1,000GT and Above” category, the motor yacht Barbara, with interior designed by Sam Sorgiovanni and built by Oceanco, won a Judges’ Commendation Award. List GC was significantly involved in the implementation of interior design on both projects.
Masterly solutions for Ribelle sailing yacht
Ribelle, a 32.5-metre sailing yacht with an interior of 128 m2, was the smallest sailing yacht in its category. Since its experienced owners wanted a trendsetting design, Rémi Tessier used an unusual style idiom employing curved-organic rather than contemporary-classic shapes. A detailed, carefully considered ensemble of materials consisting of matte as well as high-gloss teak, leather and copper was used to create a sense of size and spaciousness. List GC was responsible for meeting these demanding specifications for the entire interior.

As a competitive sailing yacht, Ribelle had to meet rigorous requirements in terms of weight. List GC’s engineers also had to ensure that the copper surfaces on Ribelle were shiny and fully reflective, yet at the same time with oxidation protection properties. The outcome of their efforts was an interior which Boat International described as “a triumph of interior planning”. List GC’s managing director Theresa Ludwiger-List commented: “Naturally we are delighted and proud, and we warmly congratulate the owners, Rémi Tessier, Vitters and everyone else who was involved.” Managing director Josef Payerhofer was very gratified to receive the award, which he felt was a true reflection of all the work that went into the project:

“This award for our interior is the best possible confirmation that we did a good job”.

“This award for our interior is the best possible confirmation that we did a good job”.

Barbara motor yacht: imaginative interplay of materials and light
The main staircase on MY Barbara (88.5 m) won a Judges’ Commendation Award. The yacht was built by Oceanco, the interior was designed by Sam Sorgiovanni. “Staircases are always very challenging, because they usually have so many interfaces”, commented Josef Payerhofer.

At the centre is a lift surrounded by glass and high-gloss polished pillars, with an artwork made of high-grade wood and metal framing. The combination of stone, carpet and reflective surfaces, and the use of indirect light, highlights each individual step. Implementing the custom design using an optimum combination of different materials, and coordinating the international team of suppliers and designers, was a considerable challenge.

The outcome is stunning: self-supporting steps which appear to be floating on air, reflective effects, combinations of wooden and leather panels, and a handrail winding its way up the outer staircase perimeter on two levels.

Secret to success: efficient collaboration
Meeting demanding specifications is all about smooth collaboration within the company, as well as with clients and suppliers. Theresa Ludwiger-List puts special emphasis on efficient interaction between the employees involved and all other participants on a project. “To take command of these demanding projects, you must ensure everyone involved works together seamlessly. With good communication comes trust and a strong likelihood of a successful outcome,” she said. “Projects like this call for effective coordination throughout all project phases,” commented Josef Payerhofer.

Some of the materials and components come from all corners of the globe, managing these raises the complexity of the projects. The key to a successful project lies in choosing and obtaining these unusual and sometimes rare or unique materials. List GC’s engineers have an excellent understanding of both design and technology and are tireless in their search for the best materials and ways to perfectly implement the design specifications. “We are in the fortunate position of having worked with genuinely outstanding, expert, experienced people over periods of many years”, said Theresa Ludwiger-List.