Together we grow beyond challenges.

We are many and we are diverse. Equipped with an ideal mix of technical and commercial skills, our 230 or so employees are ready to meet the daily challenges of the market. No wish is too extravagant, no dream too big, no project impossible. We combine visionary thinking with a thriving tradition and contemporary craftsmanship – with real passion and the highest demands on ourselves. The result is Austrian quality craftsmanship created in a family atmosphere.
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Everything we do is based on the values we have developed together as a team. Our employees imbue them with life every day. That is our recipe for success. It is how, together with partners and suppliers, we create the extraordinary time and again.This calls for engineers, technicians and craftsmen whose skills and expertise go far beyond traditional craftsmanship. And it takes enthusiastic employees who do their utmost to find solutions and implement our clients’ ideas. In short, our Specialists are exactly what is needed. Our top priority is to support their professional and personal development in the best possible way.


At the List GC Werktag, our employees were able not only to show their families and friends around the company but also to get to know colleagues from other departments better.


Under the motto “Teamwork makes the dream work”, our Team Trophy was all about solving tricky puzzles, overcoming obstacles and demonstrating accuracy. This required skill, brains and stamina, but also team spirit, which brought us all even closer together.


They’ve been at List GC for two years or even almost 30: Lisa Ungerhofer, team leader in CAD Engineering, Nina Scherer, carpenter in Production, Alexander Lepiczeck, Senior Engineer and Josef Payerhofer, Managing Director. They work on different tasks in different departments. We asked them what they think makes up the spirit of List GC.

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Handicraft and craftsmanship are central themes at List GC. What does handicraft mean? And how does it develop?

Lisa: Does craft talent today still mean the same as it did 20, 50 or 70 years ago? I think the focus has shifted. Today, technological know-how and equipment play a completely different role than they used to. Which leads to a different approach. Handicraft is changing.

Alexander: Handicraft needs talent and enthusiasm. This was a basic requirement in the past and still is today. There has certainly been a shift. However, the complexity of the tasks remains, as do the demands for quality associated with them, and this will continue for generations.

Alexander: In my area especially, thisincludes precise analysis, accurate work, support from plan to production and approval, as well as constant further development. Because you can see that requirements are increasing. More and more special solutions are being requested.

Nina: Craftsmanship, dexterity and a love of detail are central issues. Precision and a lot of patience are required, especially in production. Without patience, nothing works.

Lisa: The main thing that will change is the spatial presentation. In a few years’ time, we’ll certainly be working much more with 3D representations, with virtual models and laser measuring devices.

Josef: Digitisation is driving professional project management. What I see in this regard is that we’ll be working largely without paper in 10 years’ time. I like to take notes, but thick files are a thing of the past. There’ll be a lot more development in-house.

Josef Payerhofer

New technologies are driving handicraft onwards, and in this respect it’s changing. But what remain and have value are the basic principles of craftsmanship that we have here at List GC.“


How do you see this in-house innovation? Is it linked to quality?

Josef: We’re innovative through and through – just think of CAD Engineering, Production or Engineering. And we have to be in our industry. For me personally, innovation means not standing still but continuing to develop and not being too inhibited to ask what could be better.

Nina: In the workshop, I tend not to stick to the given standard, but to do even better. No matter whether it’s with fittings or opening angles. That’s what quality is. Every detail is important, and that’s where you always give 100 percent.

Alexander: We grow with the challenges. Quality is very high on our list of priorities. It sharpens all the senses.

Josef: For example, not just taking a quick look during acceptance but going into detail. That’s important. Regardless of the standard, our goal is always the highest level of quality.

Lisa Ungerhofer

It takes courage and the will to optimise. Courage to see innovations through and to live them. Innovation must be lived.“


The term has already come up: enthusiasm. What makes you enthusiastic about your work?

Nina: It’s incredibly motivating when everyone pulls together. Everyone in the team helps each other when things get stressful or the pressure rises.

Alexander: Enthusiasm is a cornerstone for me. It’s essential. I’ve been at List GC for five years. When I moved to a new team, I wanted to do something different. Now I look after the stone portfolio and select exclusive marble with the designer and the shipyard. That’s a new experience for me.

Lisa: Enthusiasm is key, otherwise the quality of the work just isn’t right. It’s always great to see how we solve very  complex tasks together.

Josef: Enthusiasm is the most important thing. Otherwise you couldn’t do the job. It also shapes our corporate culture.

Does that mean there is strong cohesion within and between the teams?

Josef: Our strength is that we help each other. I’m proud of the fact that this
works across teams. There’s really strong cohesion. The friendly culture that prevails at List GC contributes significantly to us regarding each other as equals. Mutual respect is deeply rooted.

Nina: We look after each other. If you see someone who’s stuck, you help them.

Lisa: My opinion has been requested, heard and respected from the very beginning, regardless of my professional experience or how long I’ve been with the company.

Alexander: If things get tight, people immediately ask how they can help. Then it’s all shoulders to the wheel and everyone gets stuck in.

That’s an interesting point. How is it with clients and suppliers?

Josef: We treat all clients and suppliers as partners.

Alexander Lepiczeck

Whether it’s clients or suppliers, we’re always equals.“


Nina: That’s absolutely right. The supplier is as important as the client.

When did you realise that you were in the right place at List GC?

Nina: I knew that right away. I was assigned to the workshop from the very beginning. Everyone there was determined to work in a friendly way with each other. And you work with many different materials that you don’t have anywhere else. Another thing is important to me: lots of young people work at List GC and there is a good balance between men and women in Production.

Lisa: I had my wow-moment during the job interview. There were some quite
specific questions and technical tasks, which I liked straight away. I also quickly
had the chance to lead a team. It was challenging to start with, but I learnt an incredible amount.

Josef: I’ve been here for almost 30 years now. Way back, after only three months in the company, I was asked whether I’d like to be involved in on-site assembly at a building construction project in Moscow. That was a big challenge. I’ve seen that I can develop with the company.

Alexander: It soon became clear that it’s the right company for me. Colleagues have quickly become friends and there’s an incredible team spirit. Bad Erlach is a bit far away from where I live in the west of Vienna. But it was my decision. And each day, as I make my way from the station to the company, I’m already preparing for the day ahead in my mind.

And what is your wish for List GC?

Josef: I want us all to continue to stick together so that List GC does well economically and we can move successfully into the future together. 

Alexander: For List GC to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction.

Lisa: I want us to continue to strive to be the very best.

Nina Scherer

For it to continue in this way.
List GC should never stand still but always stay
on the ball. “