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Where skill meets passion.

One reaches out to the other, smoothly and routinely. Our professionalism has evolved as the yachting sector has developed. While superyachts with a length of 60 metres were our main business in the beginning, we have since managed projects between 80 and 100+ meters in length and up to 700 m2 in area. It is not only the number of metres that brings increased demands but also technical development, visionary design ideas and the rising expectations for quality and execution. All this sets us for new challenges and motivates us to grow beyond ourselves every single day.
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Whereas in the 2000s it was standard practice for the designer to select a carpet company from a swatch and we only had to negotiate the price, today everything revolves around unique pieces and one-of-a-kind interiors. The days of the sample swatch are a thing of the past. Our purchasers are specialised in different materials and know all the essential features and requirements, such as fire protection. Above all, they know their suppliers, their strengths, their qualities and their approaches. This know-how and market knowledge is indispensable for project management.


With the MY Lady Lola, we were able to prove ourselves for the first time as turnkey interior outfitter on a luxury yacht. At 62 metres in length, she may not make it onto the list of the world’s largest yachts today, but she made big waves at the 2002 Monaco Yacht Show with her sophisticated interior and high-quality materials. Even today, the yacht now known as MY Lucky Lady is still impressive.


In 2019, we were already moving in larger waters. In the case of the 111-metre MY Tis, we were responsible for the luxurious interior across a total fitting area of 722.5 m2. Implementation of the interior, with its opulent and sophisticated details, was both a challenge and an incentive for our team.

Since 2017, when we opened our own production facility over an area of 6.650 square metres, we have been combining everything under one roof: from technical planning, project management and production to assembly and turnkey delivery. Here we produce interior fittings of the highest quality, including furniture, ceilings and wall panels, plus elegant and sophisticated claddings using the latest technology. From the very first moment we focus on precision – whether it is the optimum preparation of the components and materials in the pre-production, applying the perfect finish to the surface or assembling the various material combinations.

This calls for rapid coordination and short collaboration paths. Our employees in manufacturing work right next door to colleagues in the project teams to ensure that every single item is implemented exactly as it was designed. And we have those specialists at hand at all times to contribute expert knowledge, passion, experience and commitment. In order to pass on our knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship directly within the company, we have been training our own apprentices since 2018.


In 2014, the decision was made to set up our own furniture production facility. We have been manufacturing in this plant since early 2017, combining all our expertise in one location and being able to react even more flexibly to changes in the market and the exclusive wishes of our clients.


Since 2018 we have been training apprentices in our production facility. In four different apprenticeship programs the young talents get to know our exclusive craftsmanship and high quality standards at first hand.

Each of our projects is characterised by a high degree of complexity due to the large number of stakeholders involved. This is where clients such as shipyards, owner representatives, designers, authorities and, of course, owners themselves, whose ideas must become reality, all play important roles. No two projects are alike. Processes and requirements can change at any time.

They call for efficient and experienced process and project management. It’s the project management where everything comes together. Each of the highly complex undertakings is subdivided into small work packages and organised in such a way that all partners involved can implement them quickly and flexibly. Costs, time and scheduling as well as quality must always be kept in focus. For its part, the engineering department has the task of implementing the project step by step and making the high-quality interior fittings possible. Our project teams clarify every tiny detail of the interior design with the project partners. They develop state-of-the-art technical solutions, manage invitations to tender and procure even the most unusual and difficult to obtain materials.

In the end, this ensures that the moment finally comes when everything falls into place. The carefully crafted and finished claddings, panels, technology and furniture create an extraordinary interior, that our customers desire. In other words, the “big picture” whose assembly is coordinated by site managers and assemblers in the outfitting department as a reliable interface between List GC and all the partners involved on site.