Specialists for the extraordi­nary

Interiors attuned to the times.

Over the years, one line of business has become four: Yacht Interior, Residential Interior, Refit & After Sales and Loose Furniture. With visionary ideas, diligence and a special attention to every detail, we deliver extraordinary interior solutions for complex projects in the exclusive yacht and residential sector, which impress not only our clients but also ourselves with the List GC quality, over and over again.
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MY Azzam, MY Dilbar, MY Dar, MY Tis, SY Ribelle, MY Octo or MY Alfa Nero. Over 60 motor and sailing yachts already bear our signature. Some of them are the largest and most iconic yachts in the world. With an accumulated 20 years of experience in the interior outfitting of exclusive yachts, we are one of the top outfitters in the world.

Every project is a highly complex affair and involves the highest standards of quality, a strict schedule, special weight and fire safety considerations, as well as meticulous cost calculation and a large number of actors, partners and trades. This is where our structured and at the same time highly flexible project management skills are in demand.

Residential interior

We are known above all as exclusive interior outfitter for sailing and motor yachts. But a step back into our past shows that we did not develop from a small joinery workshop in Aspang (Lower Austria) into an exclusive yacht outfitter overnight, but came from a completely different area: building construction. Because our first interiors were actually in the residential sector. From the 1980s onwards, this work included fitting out banks, shops and hotels. Even then, our projects differed from “normal” joinery because they called for a higher degree of planning, craftsmanship and execution. More than 300 successfully completed residential projects worldwide, from a 5-star superior hotel, such as the Palais Coburg in Vienna to a luxury villa in Moscow to an exclusive penthouse in London, are equipped with high-quality interiors from List GC.


Customised, elegant and exceptional – all terms that describe the exclusive interiors of superyachts. But over time even the most beautiful dream of floating luxury fades and no longer meets requirements. That is why refits are also among our services in addition to the interior fitting of yachts. Using the latest technology combined with extensive knowledge of the current trends and standards in interior outfitting, we give yacht interior a new shine. No matter whether a minor repair and maintenance work or an extensive redesign, more than 370 successfully completed refit projects speak for themselves.


Loose Furniture is our newest business area and the perfect complement to the yacht and residential sectors. It includes individual items of furniture as well as ceiling or wall panelling for interior or exterior applications. Our tailor-made furniture impresses with its flawless surfaces, but also has a genuine work of art at its core, full of hidden technical applications, sophisticated sliding mechanisms and versatile functions. At the same time, it is important to combine different materials perfectly and to guarantee the impeccable fusion of metal, glass, wood, stone, leather, fabrics or special surfaces. Seamless compatibility requires technical sophistication and craftsmanship, which we also bring from our many years of project experience.


Excellent work is our calling card. This applies to exquisite surfaces and processed veneer as well as to the professional management of complex projects and selection of the most suitable materials and suppliers. Every project we undertake is pioneering work with simultaneous quality assurance and a great passion for even the tiniest detail, no matter how small. Because everything revolves around unique pieces.

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This is a challenge for List GC and leaves room for innovation. We not only adapt our craftsmanship to new circumstances and trends but also go our own way and develop benchmarks. We also see this approach as the key to success in order to implement changes in a future-focused and sustainable manner and to develop processes that are as effective as they are efficient. Because even a world full of unique pieces needs standards.

The outfitting of exclusive yachts and residences is always a highly complex task. No two projects are alike and exceptional designs are the norm. Regardless of the space available, the room height or the technical requirements, the remit is to provide exquisite, highly attractive and simultaneously functional living spaces – with integrated multimedia uses, concealed shipboard technology and three-dimensional panels or free-standing elements that impress with their ease of use. And all these components must fit together with absolute precision, down to the millimetre.

To this end, we develop innovative interior solutions for clients around the globe. The art is in defining a standard that can be applied across all projects. We have developed our own List GC standards for recurring elements such as a perfect substructure, flawless transitions, non-decorative structures of solid wood, fittings or homogeneously illuminated surfaces. The gathered know-how is documented and passed on internally between the teams. As a result, we are able to systematically incorporate the experience gained from all projects into the structure and use it for current and future projects.


Structured surfaces in liquid metal, shimmering refinements in mother-of-pearl, patina effects or 3D lacquered structures that lend depth to the surface: special surfaces are not to be ignored in exclusive interior designs. Developed individually for a particular project, they give the designers creative freedom, making the exquisite tangible and evident for the owners in the truest sense of the word.

Since we started in-house manufacturing in 2017, we have been continuously extending our know-how in the field of exquisite finishes. The unique design ideas of our clients and our passion for new challenges inspire us to create ever newer combinations and designs.

The structure of special surfaces is highly complex. Each one is a unique, handmade piece and the result of the perfect interaction between project management and production. Our employees often spend weeks working intensively on development and production. They experiment with colours and varnishes, work with special chemical and physical processes, and develop special techniques to achieve customised effects. Using a variety of methods they ultimately lend the surface its individual appearance. The material undergoes numerous transformations to achieve the result. Up to 20 layers of varnish are applied and worked to perfect a high-gloss surface.

But that’s not all. To ensure long-term quality, new materials and complex surface structures are trialled in advance in ageing and stress tests. This enables quality defects to be detected and avoided early on. The result? A unique piece individually fabricated using different colours and varnishes, surface structures and finishes to suit the client’s wishes. Highly polished and smooth or responsive to the touch.