We create space for NEW THINGS.

Courage means making decisions,” says Josef Payerhofer. And, “Courage and entrepreneurship are always associated with prudence and risk analysis,” adds Christian Bolinger. Together with Theresa Ludwiger-List, they have been at the head of List GC as a management trio since the beginning of November 2020. In future, they will translate the experience gained from the transformation of recent years into an emphatic strategy for the future. List Holding will support this endeavour.
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The history of List GC can be recounted as a sequence of courageous steps, from a small joinery workshop into building construction and on into the interior outfitting of cruise ships and yachts, from a regional company to a global business. And all that in the course of 70 years. But that’s not enough for us. With the opening of our own production facility three years ago, we started another process of change that will enable us to continue to be able to react quickly and flexibly and, above all, at the highest level of quality. And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve begun to develop a modern and future-focused organisational structure. “The introduction and establishment of modern and future-oriented methodical approaches is our top priority,” explains Bertram List, who is responsible for business development and innovation at List Holding.

It is not only a matter of overcoming current challenges, but also of developing new or innovative business areas, sounding out opportunities and
identifying potential. “I assume that future trends in yacht design will lie
even more in the merging of interior and exterior spaces – a detachment from clearly defined spaces, towards innovative living zones,” Christian Bolinger explains. He continues, “This opens up new opportunities for List GC, especially in the business fields of Exterior Furniture and Exterior Cladding. Added to that, I think and hope that a growing group of future yacht owners will decide even more strongly in favour of sustainable
projects and products, a decision that will also be reflected in the choice of
surface and construction materials, in their processing and ultimately in overall project management.”

Josef Payerhofer, List General Contractor
We want to set ourselves courageous goals, but we also want to show courage in the choice of those goals.“

Josef Payerhofer

Courage is also the key word in our strategy: “Together with our management team, we’ve defined lighthouse projects for the coming years as part of our strategic planning. Employee management, flexible but economical working, the optimisation of procedures and processes are at the top of the agenda,” explains Josef Payerhofer.

He adds: “We want to create added value that goes beyond mere efficiency gains by using continuous digital networking and traceability along the entire value chain across all departmental and system boundaries.” To set standards and predefine the norm. That is essential. Because what makes us special is the fine, small but also essential difference from our competitors. Taking the lead in quality, in craftsmanship, in digital know-how.

This is courage to do the unusual, in the development of new materials as well as innovative surface designs. It is precisely this high level of competence that gives us leeway and freedom that really makes future-focused innovations possible in the first place. Precisely because here at List GC, we live by productive, courageous lateral thinking. Behind this lies a lot of work, a high degree of routine and understanding, structured processes and professionalism at all levels. Exactly the same care and creativity that is lived for our clients is also applied to our structures, departments and employees.

“A basis that ensures that we have regionally based and highly motivated experts. People who create something unique with many other specialists in international collaborations,” emphasises Christian Bolinger. That’s what counts. We are courageous and, especially in times of globalisation and maximum cost efficiency, we want to remain a regional company, concentrating production, development and the entire team in one place where expertise and craftsmanship, tradition and innovation are combined – so that together we are best equipped for future challenges.

Christian Bolinger, List General Contractor
The outstanding importance of the joinery trade in Austria, as well as the associated appreciation of this craft, forms the basis of our success.“

Christian Bolinger

Clearly, the mission statement developed in 2017 was not just a matter for a small circle, exclusive and behind closed doors. On the contrary. It was a process that was broadly based and discussed in detail within the company, then introduced by the employees involved. And always supplemented by additional ideas, new perspectives and approaches. The mission statement is the result of a participatory process. It has grown. Inside and outside the company.

What emerges from this speaks for itself. A community of motivated employees, our Specialists. A shared culture, a powerful spirit and self-confidence on all levels. In short, the best conditions for living leadership and actively shaping tomorrow. That is the key. It is above all long-term thinking and acting as a family business that has always created optimal conditions for List GC.

The fact that the third generation, in the form of Theresa Ludwiger-List, is once again taking a leading role in the List GC management is therefore a deliberate step. The same applies to the fact that Christian Bolinger and Josef Payerhofer originate from the company. In conjunction with
List Holding, responsibility is concentrated here, and is perceived and lived in an exemplary manner. Day after day.

Bertram List, List Holding
Through their daily commitment and dedication, our employees demonstrate their attachment to the company. As a family, we are very grateful for this.“

Bertram List

This is what distinguishes List GC. The mixture of closeness and trust, the presence of knowledge and competence, the willingness to chance something new, to take unusual paths.

In 10 years, according to all of them, List GC will be associated with the perfect combination of craftsmanship, timeless design and the most innovative technical solutions, as well as a new era of sustainable yacht interiors. And they also want to read in the newspapers that in 2030 the Austrian family-owned company with its well over 300 highly trained and motivated employees will far exceed its set goals in terms of both sales and earnings.

Theresa Ludwiger-List,
List General Contractor & List Holding
Lived entrepreneurship and with it the courage to believe in visions and to allow new perspectives, to be authentic, to believe in dreams and to implement them with passion and
consistency runs like a common thread through our company.“

Theresa Ludwiger-List