70 years of List. 70 years of innovative strength.

70 years of List.
70 years of innovative strength.

What began in 1950 as a small furniture workshop has become a company in demand worldwide, one of which we are very proud. We take a look at what we have created together with our employees, partners and clients over 70 years, what accounts for our many years of success and what future plans we have for List GC.
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In doing so, we follow those notions that are especially important for us, the company and its employees.

The tradition that we cherish as a family company in the 3rd generation and that drives us to grow beyond ourselves. The pioneering spirit that turned us from a small carpentry shop into an outfitter of luxurious yachts and private residences. It shapes our company and helps us to advance ideas and develop courageous visions. Past and present show how closely our success is linked to our employees, who develop their passion for contemporary craftsmanship with us, who fill the List spirit with life and create unique interiors. Excellence is the benchmark for all our projects. We implement extraordinary projects on water and on land. And show courage when we set course for the future. Because our success story should be continued.

To mark our 70th anniversary, we would like to celebrate our employees, our partners who have accompanied us on our journey, and our clients who have placed their trust in us, and say thank you for the exciting times. Here’s to the decades to come!

List Family, December 2020


From medium-sized joinery business to global company: Reinhard List, son of the company founder, and his daughter, Theresa Ludwiger-List, talk about potentials, seized opportunities, courageous steps and the skills needed.


Driven by high aspirations in terms of quality, craftsmanship, faultless project management and strong entrepreneurial spirit, we have grown over the years far beyond the borders of Austria. Today, List GC is synonymous with luxurious interior. On water and on land.


For over 20 years, List GC has ranked amongst the top providers of highly complex project management in the luxury segment. Highest quality craftsmanship, a finger on the pulse of the market and detailed organisation go hand in hand with passion and commitment. This is the basis for the execution of unique projects.


Every project, whether on water or land, is to some extent uncharted territory. Our engineers, technicians and craftsmen regularly set new standards for exclusive interiors. And we are expanding our range – with top quality assurance, opening up new business areas and the development of special surfaces. List GC has consolidated and expanded its know-how with every order since 1950.


List GC is a significant employer in its region. We employ highly qualified staff in all positions. They approach every task with passion and expertise. They have made our company what it is.


For generations we have been growing beyond ourselves and are always focused on the zeitgeist and current market trends. What defines us as a company is the courage to believe in visions and to embrace new perspectives. This courage runs as a common thread throughout the history of List GC. It is reflected in the repositioning of our management this year and will continue to accompany us in the future, too.